Student Professionalism

FSE Student Professionalism Expectation

  • As a student in the Fulton Schools of Engineering, I am an integral part of a vibrant learning community.
  • I acknowledge that my interaction with peers, faculty, staff or outside stakeholders is not just a reflection of myself but also of the Fulton Schools of Engineering.
  • Knowing this, I pledge to uphold the highest standards of respect, integrity and responsibility in all engagements, communications and interactions — both on and off campus.
  • When differing opinions arise, I will remember that we are all part of a shared learning community.
  • In the face of disagreements or difficult situations, I am reassured that my voice matters.
  • Additionally, I am equally committed to valuing and respecting the voices and perspectives of others, by always interacting professionally.
  • No one is perfect, and I know there may be times when I falter or behave unprofessionally.
  • In these situations, I will always strive to listen to feedback with an open mind, reflect on my actions, and take steps to improve.
  • I acknowledge that my individual commitment to personal growth is an important part of what makes the Fulton Schools of Engineering a world-class learning community that fosters an environment for everyone to be successful.

Specific Professionalism Guidelines for the FSE Community

In the spirit of the professionalism expectation, the FSE community are encouraged to provide respectful feedback to individuals they feel are engaging in unprofessional behavior. Correspondingly, individuals that receive this feedback should reflect on their behavior and make any appropriate changes.

How to Handle and/or Report an Unprofessional Incident

  • If possible, communicate clearly and firmly to the individual that they must immediately cease/stop the unprofessional behavior.
  • If this is not possible, or you feel uncomfortable doing this, report the unprofessional behavior to your instructor who can provide guidance on how to handle and/or report the issue.  If the unprofessional behavior is not affiliated with a course, you should communicate the incident to an FSE staff member.  If you are unable to determine the appropriate staff member to consult, you may email the FSE Academic and Student Affairs office at [email protected].

Consequences of Continued Unprofessional Student Behavior

Students that are continually engaging in unprofessional behavior may be referred to the FSE Vice Dean’s office for a possible professionalism misconduct review. Professionalism incident reviews can result in a written warning and recording of the incident on the student’s internal academic record, to involuntary withdrawal from the course.

Student Resources

ASU Student Code of Conduct