Fulton Academic Integrity Matters (FAIM)

What is FAIM?

The Fulton Academic Integrity Matters (FAIM) program is for students interested in learning about and promoting academic integrity.

Are you interested in the academic integrity program within the Fulton Schools of Engineering? Do you want to serve as a student representatives in academic integrity appeal hearings?

To join or to find out when the next orientation date is scheduled, please email [email protected]

FAIM Program overview

Here is how you can participate in the academic integrity process.

  • You will attend an online orientation for academic integrity appeal hearing with the Academic Integrity Officer (AIO).
  • You will have an opportunity to review and analyze academic integrity cases while serving as a student representative on appeal hearing boards.
  • You will provide valuable feedback on academic integrity to the Academic Integrity Office (AIO).

FAIM student achievement levels


Participating in an academic integrity orientation with the AIO.

Bronze level

Completing the orientation and participating in one academic integrity appeal hearing.

Silver level

Completing the orientation and participating in two academic integrity appeal hearings.

Gold level

Completing the orientation and participating in three academic integrity appeal hearings.

Platinum level

Completing the orientation and participating in four academic integrity appeal hearings.

FAIM student recognition

Acknowledgement of service and providing students real-life experience in ethical decision-making is an important part of the program.

  • All FAIM students are recognized in an end of year virtual event for their commitment to academic integrity. All members receive a certificate indicating their participation and achievement levels.
  • FAIM participation/recognition at any level can be listed on a student’s resume to indicate knowledge of ASU academic integrity policies and experience in analyzing ethical decision-making cases.