Academic Policies and Procedures

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In this section of the website, you can find information about academic integrity, the ASU Student Honor Code and how maintain academic honesty when completing your assignments and working in groups. You can also learn about FAIM, a program for students interested in learning about and promoting academic integrity, and our Student Professionalism expectation.

Want to know more about ASU’s grading policy, how to calculate your GPA and how to get on the Dean’s list? Check out our Academic Standards and Grading page.

You will also find information about special circumstances, such as how to appeal a grade or how to request medical or compassionate withdrawal from ASU.

Or perhaps you wish to do one of the following:

  • Take more than 19 credits in the spring or fall semester
  • Take a graduate-level class for undergraduate credit
  • Enroll in a course for the third time

For any of these items, you would need to use the Undergraduate Standards Petition Form and follow the procedures on that page.

As academic policies and procedures often involve communication with your advisor, we’ve also linked to the Advising page.