Royce Perez poses with mascot Sparky in front of ASU's Old Main building.

Leadership opportunities

Members of Daedalus Astronautics, a Fulton student-run organization, work on a rocket engine.

Student organizations

Being connected with a student organization helps students build lasting friendships, develop invaluable career skills and gain industry connections.

Find the right student organization for you on our student org directory.

Want to represent the Fulton Schools? Become a Fulton Ambassador

A Fulton Ambassador gives a tour to a prospective student and her father. They walk along Palm Walk on the Tempe campus

Become an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UGTAs) and ASU 101 Section Leader (SL) program(s) are leadership opportunities available to successful undergraduate students.

By participating in these program(s), you can not only earn valuable experience for your resume, but also receive a stipend payment at the end of your assignment.

Learn more about responsibilities, qualifications and the application procedure for these program at Undergraduate Teaching Assistants webpage.

Become a tutor

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Tutoring Centers offer free, drop-in tutoring, workshop and review sessions for undergraduate students.

You can become a tutor at one of these centers and lead students to achieve academic success by sharing your expertise. You have the opportunity to provide tutoring in physics, math, computer science and various engineering disciplines.

The responsibilities and qualification requirements differ based on the position. Visit Become a tutor webpage to learn more.