A Fulton Ambassador gives a tour to a prospective student and her father. They walk along Palm Walk on the Tempe campus
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Fulton Ambassador

Promoting the Fulton Schools with by guiding prospective and families, and supporting current students

What are Fulton Ambassadors?

Fulton Ambassadors are Fulton Schools students who volunteer to promote the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering to prospective students and their families, and occasionally talk with current students about their experience in their chosen major.

Primary responsibilities of Fulton Ambassadors

  • Giving walking tours of the Tempe or Polytechnic campuses for prospective students and families.
  • Meeting individually online with prospective students and families.

All majors wanted

The Fulton Schools recruits Fulton Ambassadors from every degree program so students considering a particular major can speak to someone who has direct experience with that major.

Why be a Fulton Ambassador?

  • You get a chance to get out, meet people and make connections.
  • You can help people by sharing your expertise.
  • It is a great volunteer leadership experience to include on your resume.
  • It is fun and rewarding to help others.

Meet the current Fulton Ambassadors

Visit our Fulton Ambassadors page for prospective students and their families to learn more about Fulton Ambassadors and see the directory of current Fulton Ambassadors.

Meet the Fulton Ambassadors

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Undergraduate students, contact:

Portrait of Marilynn Aranda

Marilynn Aranda

Coordinator Senior

ENGR Academic & Student Affrs

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Graduate students, contact:

Portrait of Arzuhan Kavak

Arzuhan Kavak

Coordinator Senior, Graduate Recruitment

ENGR Academic & Student Affrs

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