FURI student Priyanka Ravindran reconfigures a machine which uses layers of 2D materials in neuromorphic or “brain-inspired” computing operation.

Project sponsorships

Select FURI students are chosen to receive research funding from industry or other sponsors for one semester.

These sponsors, which include industry companies or endowments, recognize the importance of undergraduate research in helping students learn and build knowledge through experience as well as the effect student projects can have in advancing society through technological developments.

Students who meet eligibility requirements may be selected to receive funding from one of the following sponsors.

Ahmad Family Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative Fund

Jalal U. and Syeda F. Ahmad and their children — Jaheen N., Raisa N. and Nafisah N., all of whom attended the Fulton Schools — established a fund to give back and support undergraduate students in their pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of research. Their endowment, which funds a materials science, mechanical, biomedical or electrical engineering student, was created to help more students have the life-changing experience of conducting research through FURI.

ASU Engineering student Othman Al-Alawi looks closely at a large drone in a lab
Logo for TSMC


TSMC is a global leader in the semiconductor foundry business. The company’s industry-leading process technologies and portfolio of design enablement solutions help its customers and partners unleash semiconductor innovation. With its recent expansion into Phoenix, TSMC sees the benefit of a strong partnership with ASU faculty and student researchers. TSMC supports the FURI program by providing additional funding for exceptional research projects related to the semiconductor industry. FURI student researchers who pursue a project related to the Semiconductor Manufacturing research theme are eligible for this sponsorship. TSMC-supported FURI students receive a $2,600 stipend and $400 to use for materials. Exceptional research proposals that align with the research theme of Semiconductor Manufacturing will be considered for this additional funding.

W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates is a uniquely creative, product leadership enterprise that has served a variety of global markets for 60 years, and provides innovative solutions that its associates stand behind. Gore established funds to support undergraduate students in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative program and values student-driven research and developing relationships with students in the programs.

Logo for W.P. Gore and Company