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Recipient requirements

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You received a scholarship! Now what?

When will I find out?

Students who receive scholarships will be notified in early April and May of each year.

Requirements to keep your scholarship

If you are selected, most scholarships require that you:

  • Maintain enrollment in a qualified Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering academic plan throughout the scholarship period.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12-15 credit hours in fall and spring semesters, and successfully complete 24 credits hours by the conclusion of the spring semester.
  • Maintain a minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA (or higher, if specified in award notice) each semester throughout the scholarship period.
  • Remain in good standing with the University. Suspension, dismissal, or withdrawal from ASU prior to the end of the semester will automatically revoke this scholarship.
  • Attend events such as our Donor Appreciation Breakfast and/or individual donor meetings, as required by Arizona State University or the scholarship donor.
  • Fulfill any additional donor requirements as indicated in the scholarship agreement and/or award notification.
  • Review and acknowledge your scholarship terms and conditions and electronically accept your scholarship via the Scholarship Acceptance Page.
  • Provide a Thank You Letter to your scholarship donor. See below for assistance in preparing the donor thank you letter.
  • Notify the Engineering Scholarship Office of any changes in status. Should scholarship criteria no longer be met, the scholarship may be canceled.

Be on time with your required materials

Awards will not be processed or may be canceled if required scholarship materials are not submitted by the indicated deadline.

Re-apply every year – scholarships do not automatically renew

Fulton Schools scholarships are not automatically renewable, and students must re-apply annually for consideration. Awards are contingent on available funding and not guaranteed from one year to the next.

Thank you letters

Everyone appreciates a note of gratitude

When you receive a scholarship, there is a donor who provided that gift, and we ask all our recipients to take the time to thank their donor in writing.

Our donors love to hear how their generosity is helping you realize your personal and professional dreams! Your thank you letter allows your donor to learn more about you and your aspirations.

A note from you affirms the importance of their contribution to you, but also encourages their continued support for future Fulton Schools students.

Writing guidelines

We make it easy to write your thank you letter. When you receive your scholarship award, you will receive a thank you letter template, or you can download it on this page. The template includes guidance on how to write your letter.

How to write an exceptional thank you letter

  • Refer to the name of the scholarship in your letter.
  • Grammar and spelling should be checked and correct — remember this is an academic award. Have a person review your letter before submitting, even if you’ve checked it with AI.
  • Be genuine and sincere in the tone of your thank you letter.
  • Convey your message of thanks clearly and somewhat concisely (keep your note to a couple of paragraphs).
  • Submit a letter for each scholarship you received. You must write to each donor individually if you received multiple donor-funded scholarships.

What file format should I use?

Students should download the thank you letter template and save their completed letter as a Microsoft Word file for submission.

How to send your letters

When you receive a scholarship notification, you will receive specific instructions on how to send your thank you letter. Most recipients are directed to upload their thank you letter in our scholarship portal.


If you have any questions about writing your thank you note or how to submit the completed letter, please contact [email protected].