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Personal well-being

Doing your best in school includes whole body health. ASU has extensive services to help all students succeed and be healthy.

Emotional well-being

Health and fitness

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Sun Devil Fitness

ASU has some of the best facilities, classes, and teachers to guide you in your fitness journey.

Find your fit today!

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ASU Health Services

ASU Health Services provides high-quality health care that is accessible, affordable and compassionate.

Make connections

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Fulton Schools support

We are here to ensure all students can be successful.

We care about you and your academic well-being – let us know how we can help!

Please email your questions to us at [email protected].

ASU Student Advocacy and Assistance

ASU Student Advocacy and Assistance is a central resource to assist students at ASU. This office can connect you with campus and community resources to support the achievement of your academic goals and ensure your health and well-being.

Visit ASU Student Advocacy and Assistance

Talk to a Peer Mentor

There’s a lot to take in when you are a first-year student.

Did you know the Fulton Schools have Peer Mentors to help first-year students get adjusted to the ASU community?

For any health or mental health emergency, immediately call 911.