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Transfer student checklist

 Complete your Fulton Schools Welcome

Enroll in and complete the Fulton Schools Welcome for Online students.

 Register and complete the ASU Online Orientation

This course is a seven-day free orientation to help you adjust to ASU online courses and become familiar with ASU resources. Refer to your My ASU task list.

Use this list as a guide:

ASU 11
Transfer students (students with 24 or more transferable credits)

ASU 09
Uber transfer students

ASU 10
Starbucks transfer students

ASU 42
Military and military affiliated transfer students

 Prepare for registration

Visit My ASU to find your academic advisor, who will help you

  • Determine your first math class at ASU
  • Determine your first English class at ASU
  • Register for your first semester classes

 Plan for success

 Secure materials for classes

Refer to your class syllabus for more information.

  • Computer applications required for classes
  • Textbooks
  • Lab kits
  • Academic Planner

 The last steps

Once you’ve completed the checklists above, you should be ready to successfully start classes at ASU.

 Did you run out of time?

If you did not have enough time to complete these checklists prior to your anticipated start date, consider delaying your start until the next 7.5 week session.

In the meantime you will have access to advisors, success coaches, and resources on your MyASU account to help you get ready.

 Keep checking My ASU and your ASU email

Action items for new online students are always communicated via My ASU and your ASU email. Check often!

Have credits to transfer?

Visit the Transfer Credit Guide to see if you can transfer your credits. If a course is not listed, contact a transfer specialist to have your course credit evaluated.

Transferring your credits will help your academic advisor determine how the credits could apply towards your degree.