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Solar Devils is a cross-disciplinary, project-based club where students build a solar powered electric car from scratch. Students go through many different aspects of the engineering process including planning and designing of the shell/chassis of the car, solar panel manufacturing and implementation, battery pack creation and implementation, and designing of the brake system, suspension, and drivetrain components. Students will also contact local and national companies for sponsorships, donations, and in-kind donations to fundraise for all of the necessary parts. Once the car is complete, the students will enter the car into either the American Solar Challenge, a cross-country race across the United States, or the World Solar Challenge, a cross-country race through 1,800 miles of the Australian Outback.



Cole Tenney | [email protected]

Vice president

Christina Sturgeon | [email protected]


Colin Vargas | [email protected]


Steven Van Overmeiren | [email protected]


Anoop Singh | [email protected]