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Next Level Devils (NLD) primary focus for the Spring 2017 is finalize our project for NASA organization, Microgravity University.

NLD plans to meet twice a week throughout the semester to accomplish the task required by Microgravity University. Major accomplishments this semester are to fund the design and fabrication process of our proposal and also travel to and from NASA location in Texas where we will test our product in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.



Isabella O’Brien | [email protected]

Vice president

Hunter Mantle | [email protected]


Benjamin Millet | [email protected]


Parker Dameron | [email protected]

Social Relations Officer

Branden Goehring | [email protected]

Industry Relations Manager/Representative

Lucas Barduson | [email protected]

K-12 Outreach Coordinator

Sydney Pajerski | [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator

Maddie Peglowski | [email protected]

Conference and Competition Liaison

Ethan Hoffman | [email protected]


Joseph Foy | [email protected]