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IEEE ASU Student Branch is one of the oldest professional and technical student organizations at ASU. IEEE ASU lies in the IEEE Phoenix Section of Region 6. Over the past years, IEEE ASU has been awarded several sectional and regional awards for its exceptional support to the students of engineering at ASU. 

Along with technical workshops, industry seminars and tech-talks, they have been providing professional services such as resume building and networking techniques to the students. Their sincere efforts have been recognized by awarding them the ‘Outstanding Large Student Branch of the Year 2018’ at the annual Phoenix Section awards. The IEEE ASU Board comprises of 20 elected officers every academic year. Currently, there are over 600 active members from various educational degree levels. Every member being an officer gets enough opportunities in leadership, planning and executing events. Each officer is given a certain job in which they have the freedom to work on the ideas they have and execute them eventually.

As the IEEE ASU Student Branch, we promote undertaking strong Leadership and responsibilities, enhance communication skills and technical ethics, provide a platform to go forward with ideas in science & technology, Access to the digital library and opportunities to collaborate, network with people directly related to the industry and exposure to jobs more closely.

Goal: Sharing ideas and making more opportunities for students to interact with people from industries and academics.



Henry Tran | [email protected]

Vice president

Sreeharsha Raveendra | [email protected]


Océane Ingram | [email protected]


Cihan Tepedelenlioglu | [email protected]